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Goodbye to EV3D

Sad day for EV3D as it finally closes its doors. I've met a lot of great racers and even better men on that game over the years and even seen some of the finest men pass away. RIP to my friends and EV3D.


Thank You Everyone

Extreme Velocity announced their new game today so there will probably not be a need for this page. We are proud to have been able to work with so many badazz people to get a bunch of tunes out there and help everyone out. Most importantly we proved those guys wrong and got stupid rules overturned so everyone had more fun. The website will stay running and if there happen to be new submissions we will post them.

Thanks for the good times...~PEACE 

Site Updates

Thank you to our loyal fans who have continued to use our site and spread the love that is free ratios. You may have noticed that we haven't posted setups for a while. Don't worry we haven't gone anywhere! There are a few reasons for this that we can't control. The biggest reason is that for whatever ridiculous reason the EV3D game staff have added a bunch of new cars but reused old setups. Probably because they are lazy piles of crap but whatever their "excuse" is when they reuse setups it means we don't have new ones to add. We are in the process of redoing the site so that cars the use the same setup are listed together so that you can easily find them. 

If you have any setups you haven't submitted we would like to take this time to ask you to submit them. Even if they aren't the best around and even if we already have setups for a certain car they help players at least get a a starting point. The more setups we have the better the chances are that everyone can find a setup that works for their driving style and setup.

Lastly if you haven't joined our Facebook page yet please take time to "like" us. 


EVRatios staff 


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2/20/2015 - Added a new pro mod setup and condensed the pro mod section.